Safewords Response to Yes Means Yes

The concept of a safe word is a practice we all should adopt if during intercourse one isn’t completely comfortable. Often seen in more extreme cases of sexual activities a safe word should be something everyone is aware of. In some instances safe words are essential (roleplay) but a basic understanding the idea can significantly impact our communities. Even casual intercourse can greatly benefit from consenting practices.Multiple forms of this type of communication exist, all reassuring the fact of consent of both parties.

Getting creative a great practice is using stop light colors. Without having to use abrupt language that potentially is a mood killer. Colors from stop lights can be used to create a fantastic system used to determine one’s consent. It doesn’t take a genius to decipher which color means which the one party feels. In Thomas Millar’s article gives a great example of someone using said practice “”the check-in was quick, we were able to maintain the mood — and it was actually kind of hot in itself”. First hand experience from an individual that had a great time using the concept proves that it can be a great way to not be a mood killer but maintain the mood in both parties.

Not all individuals are the type that like being able to talk in some occasions. Other methods of safe words can be used to convey the same message across to your partner. Squeezing someone’s hand a predetermined amount of times is another great method in which one can convey their approval. But as we all know this isn’t applicable to every situation so it would be best to have a mix of the two. It’s great to have options because you never know when the time will come where you will need it.

The existence of safe words should also be noticably more present in our collegiate educational system. As we all know young people in their prime claim this to be their favorite activity. With the amount of unwanted intercourse drastically dropping it is still a problem in educational institutions. As we still see court cases appearing in which one party was not consenting or in a state to consent to such actions, and more often then not the institutions deal with the problem behind closed doors! College students especially would be great candidates to create a more creative or unique system for both parties to relay their consent to each other.

Safe words have existed for almost as long as couples have been having intercourse. Education on these practices can do nothing but benefit humanity in its creation of a more enjoyable experience.


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